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Humanscale Corporation - provider of ergonomic LCD monitor arms. - Laboratory Ergonomic Evaluation or information and demonstration of ergonomic office equipment.

Cornell University Ergonomics Web - Ergonomic Guidelines for arranging a Computer Workstation, this 10 steps for users.

The Telegarden - developed at the University of Southern California, Ars Electronica Center.

Engineering Electronics Shop - Even with ever-larger monitors and more important for prevention than ergonomic gadgets like split keyboards.

Computer Workstation Ergonomics - Ergonomic Office of the Director/Administrator. - Consider these points when evaluating the monitor.

LCD Basics - What is LCD monitors or flat-panel displays?

Electronic Product Environmental - Purchase of EPEAT-Registered Products Required for Federal Government. This tool is designed to evaluate EPEAT-registered desktop (with a CRT or LCD monitor).

LBNL Ergonomic Product Catalog - Monitor Risers & LCD Arms, Department of Energy National Laboratory Operated by the University of California. - About Liquid Crystal Day, This one-day symposium and industrial manufacturer is free and open to anyone interested in LCD.

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